Yoga Kuukan is a traveling studio for Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi with easy and friendly attitude.

Our basic intentions are improving health, uplifting spirit and quality of life. Getting closer to the real essence and living in peace within our bodies.

Yoga Kuukan was started as a traveling studio, located first in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 2014 for five years. We were teaching thousands of people from all over the world various classes and workshops. Now we are based in Kamakura, Japan and focus mostly on workshops, retreats and private sessions.

We are Maika and Tomer (Toma), international and experienced teachers (taught in Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, Spain and more) and we are happy to share our knowledge and practice with you.

Whether you’re a busy working person or a home worker we’ve got something for you to improve your health and sense of well-being.  We can help with specific issues (physical and mental) and support healing or improvement. Beginners are welcome to join our private sessions as well. 

Enjoying the practice is important for us! We believe that sense of humor is one of the most important things in life.

We are not interested in acquiring another belief system. 

We have learned from many different teachers but we are not following only one specific system, style, guru or master. Instead, we are following our hearts and trusting life experience with honesty and aiming at mastering life.

旅するスタジオYoga Kuukanはヨガ、気功、太極拳を楽しく、分かりやすく、フレンドリーに学べる空間(スペース)としてタイのチェンマイのスタジオを拠点に、2014年にTomerとMaikaによってスタートしました。タイの古都チェンマイには世界中からヨガや瞑想、タイマッサージなどを学ぶ方々が集まるということもあり、Yoga Kuukanも5年間で世界各国から数千人にものぼる数の生徒さんと共に、毎日楽しくクラス、ワークショップなどを行ってまいりました。

2017年より年に一度、石垣島での日本語と英語でのヨガ&気功リトリートを行うようになり、その後2019年、チェンマイから日本の鎌倉に拠点を移すことになりました。現在は自分たちの固定した空間を持たずに、旅するスタジオYoga Kuukanとして、鎌倉の古民家スペースなどにて、クラスやワークショップ、リトリート、プライベートレッスンなどを行なっています。





* 私たちが大切にしていること *



私たち TomerとMaikaは、世界各国のマスターやグル、先生方の素晴らしい教えを受けてきました。しかし、特定の名前のついた組織やシステムには従属しません。




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( Chiaki  Nov/2019 ) 

石垣島という最高のロケーション。素敵な気功&ヨガ講師マイカさんとトマーさんの愛溢れるレッスン。ホスピタリティ溢れるマイコさん&パトリックさん営むLe Lotus Bleuでの滞在は、心から安らげるひと時でした。自然に身を委ね、遊び、学び、心身ともにリフレッシュ出来た素晴らしいリトリートでした。
( Ayano Aug /2019 )

Amazing yoga experience with Tomer. Loved the class, his way of teaching, the space, the energy... it was perfect! Can’t wait to come back.

 ( Laura F. Dec/2018 )

Chi Kung breathing class

Zen space and wonderful experience with Maika! Highly recommend this class as it helped me ground into my body and come back to the breath, especially after traveling many hours and feeling “floaty.” Great for all levels and definitely one of the top yoga studios in Chiang Mai. I came here twice and wish I could attend more classes but am leaving Saturday. I will be back here soon! Highly recommend checking it out, also in a great area of CM.

( Reiki traveler Nov/2017 )

Their classes I had attended were my best yoga experiences so far. Very calming, rejuvenating, peaceful and joyful. Loved the sala, loved the teachers, loved the care they demonstrated for each and every person there. Highly recommanded!
( Q9073TQkatek Nov/2017 )

Best Yoga studio I've ever visited

Tomer is hands down the best Yoga teacher I've ever had. He is great with absolute beginners and experts alike. So many other teachers make Yoga so hard for beginning and intermediate students, with Tomer it's effortless and you will feel much better after every class.

( Johannes F Jun/2016 )


気功や太極拳初心者でしたが、Maikaさんのレッスンがとても分かりやすくて凄く楽しくレッスンを受けることができます。新たな気づきをいただけた、Yoga kuukanに感謝です。

( Keiko Dec/2014 )

Tomer is the most helpful, verbally descriptive and down-to-earth yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure of practicing with. Unlike some other classes (which were good i'm sure, but not as suited to my style) I really felt like I was being supported in my practice, and actually practicing it, rather than following some intricate movements of a teacher and trying to 'do it right'. He teaches with humour and is very supportive.
I also did Chi Gung and Tai Chi with Maika, which was blissful and helped me to re-align to my true self. Maika is one of those kind, caring and beautiful people you come across in life and feel immediately at ease. Her classes taught me so much and inspired my practice forever more.

Maika and Tomar are not just wonderful teachers, they also became good friends, and I love and miss them both very much. I will travel back to Chiang Mai to study with them again.
I also attended the full moon meditation which was a powerful and special evening. They also hold dark moon meditations.
The studio has a simple elegance, with water features and wooden furniture. As soon as you walk into the space you are greeted with some lemon water and a warm smile. They taught me the true meaning of reception. It's a haven of tranquillity.  

 ( luz_del_abismo Jul/2014 )

I went to a somatic yoga workshop at this studio with Tomer. He was a gentle and beautiful teacher and I learned so much. The studio owners really look after you and I felt very comfortable being there. As a yoga teacher myself I really appreciate good teachers who can combine their own experiences with wider yoga knowledge to allow students to learn and grow in the way each individual needs.
( liina2021 Oct/ 2015 )


(Taeco  Jun/2021)

( Y.Y Aug/2021 )