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Please reserve your spot on each class one day earlier until 7pm.

Click on 'Booking and details' to book and see the description of each class.

Please scroll down to find out about our private sessions.




APRIL / 4月 

Wed/ 水曜日 1, 8, 15, 22,  

10:30AM Self Care Qigong/セルフケア気功 (  コロナウイルス対策のため、4月はオンラインクラスとなります。)

(Min 1 people~/ 1名様より)

Location 場所: KuruKuru くるくる 

Booking & details/予約&詳細

Thu/ 木曜日   ( Kiyaza Resortさんはコロナウイルス対策のため、4/12まで閉鎖となりましたため、しばらくお休みとさせていただきます。

11:30AM Toma Yoga/ トマヨガ

(1 person〜/ 1名様より)

Location/場所: Kiyaza鎌倉Resort

Booking & details/予約&詳細

Thu/ 木曜日 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

11AM Self Care Qigong /セルフケア気功( コロナウイルス対策のため、しばらくお休みとさせていただきます。)(1person〜/ 1名様より)

Location/場所: YuigahamaKokaido


Booking & details/予約&詳細

Fri /金曜日   ( Kiyaza Resortさんはコロナウイルス対策で4/12まで閉鎖となりましたため、しばらくお休みとさせていただきます。

11:30AM  Self Care Qigong /セルフケア気功

(1 person〜/ 1名様より)

Location 場所Kiyaza鎌倉Resort

Booking & details /予約&詳細


Qi-Breathing Therapeutic Session


2h to 2.5 h /2時間〜2時間半

Price/料金: 12000 yen 

Using basic Qigong breathing technique with soft and easy body movements to release tension and stress and cleansing negative emotions. The practice is done with close attention to each person’s needs and ability. The session includes sometimes gentle stretching, bodywork or singing bowl. Each session can be different, depends on your condition. 



- Reduce stress

- Help sleeping problem

- Lower blood pressure

- Release tension

- Release emotional blockage

- Help regulating energy circulation

The Five Elements Qi Gong 


80 min x 2 session /80分x2回 

Price/料金: 18000 yen 

Soft and gentle body movements combined with abdominal breathing, based on the five elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learning with each posture to tone one organ at a time (lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen) and balancing the five emotions (sadness, fear, anger, joy and worry) at the same time. Finishing with self massage and deep relaxation.


​The eight section brocade Qi Gong 


80 min x 2 sessions/80分x2回

Price/料金: 18000 yen

Ba Duan Jin is a series of easy Qigong exercises, which coordinate slow breathing with simple movements and self care. Used to stimulate the central nervous system, lower blood pressure, relieve stress and gently tone the muscles without strain.  

In this private lesson you will learn how to breathe and perform the eight movements and also learn the related emotions of our organs. The practice of the eight movements regulates and maintain healthy body and mind.



- Strengthen the immune system

- Prevent Illness

- Maintain health

- Strengthen Legs and waist

- Improve blood circulation

- Regulate energy circulation


Evolve Your Yoga Practice 

90 min 

Price: 10000 yen

Improve your personal practice or  a specific kind of postures or focus on any aspect you wish to improve (e.g. meditation). This session is appropriate for all levels.

Beginners Yoga, getting the basics right

90 min 

Price: 10000 yen

If you've never done yoga before or tried only few classes, you can learn the basic principals in depth and have a better foundation for your personal practice.

Self Healing Yoga

90 min

Price: 10000 yen

Assistance in recovering and restoring from injury, disease or trauma. Usually a combination of soft, therapeutic yoga and somatic education movements. There is an option to learn a short routine you can repeat later by yourself.

Private Small Group Session ( max 4 people )

90 min

Price: 12000 yen

For two participants or more who want to have a streamlined private class at their desired pace and intensity. You can also request a specific narrative and ask questions like in any other session.

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