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Welcome To Our New Blog!

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Welcome to our new blog, thanks for checking in! We’re going to share here our insights, experiences and places we visit and occasionally few recipes. Feel free to subscribe.

We are Maika and Tomer, you probably met us in Chiang Mai at our studio, Yoga Kuuakan. Some of you know us even longer. Warm greetings to all of you.

It’s been a while since we moved to Japan. We live nowadays in Kamakura, it has been quite a journey to make the transition. What can we advise anyone going through a similar process?

Prepare, prepare and prepare! You can never be too prepared. Gather information and familiarize yourself with the unknown in any way possible.

But preparation is not enough.

We had to jump through few hoops and deal with legal surprises and adversities. A lot of information we collected in advance turned out to be wrong or outdated. Sometimes you just have to jump in and ‘be there’ to fully realize what you are really going into. It’s not always fun, it’s often scary but it works.

Whatever you are planning to go through, prepare as much as you can, at least mentally, and go for what you’re aiming to (physically, emotionally or mentally). Be there, own it, deal with it and things will eventually align with your intention and will. Just like in a good practice.

We are wishing you all happy holidays and fruitful transition to 2020.

Much love from Kamakura,

Maika and Tomer

Us in Garden & Space KuruKuru, Kamakura

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