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Private Online Lessons and A Giveaway!

Hello from Kamakura, Japan. A summer update and a giveaway from Yoga Kuukan.

Tomer is back. After taking a break for over a year Tomer is now offering online private private lessons (beside the weekly classes in Kamakura). Please check Maika and Tomer’s online private lessons on the website.

We offer discounts for repeaters.

We also have a giveaway. If you ever took one of our classes (especially Maika’s) you would recognize some of the music made by Tomer with piano and harps. We give it a way for free! (there’s a donation option too) Find it on the main page of our website (click on ‘download single’ then type 0 for the free download).

Thanks as always for following and keeping in touch. We shall meet again.

Summer greetings from Maika and Tomer

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