Yoga Alignment, Somatic Yoga, yoga therapeutics, meditation

Cofounder of  Yoga Kuukan  in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tomer has been teaching internationally, classes, workshops and retreats for the last 15 years.

He has been developing his own original teaching style, combining yoga therapeutics and alignment, based on different yoga styles.

Tomer had his first experiences with Yoga and Somatic Education at a very young age as he was born with several back conditions and had to use braces for years to support his back and shoulders. Years later, after long time studying in India, he went through an extensive yoga teacher training in Germany and participated in many workshops and trainings with some of the best teachers

from around the world. His journey of healing taught him how to guide others with their own practice and personal development.

YOGA KUUKAN (タイ、チェンマイ)共同創設者。過去15年に渡りデイリーヨガクラス、プライベートセッション、ワークショップなどを中心に世界各地で指導。様々なヨガスタイルをベースにアライメントとセラピーとしてのヨガを融合させた彼独自のティーチングスタイルを構築。



Qi Gong, Qi-Breathing, Tai Chi

Maika has been traveling and living outside of her home country Japan for the last 15 years. Maika and her life partner, Tomer, have created a Yoga and Chi Kung studio called Yoga Kuukan (Chiang Mai, Thailand).

She became dedicated to a daily practice after losing hearing in one ear and having a back injury. Practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung has been helping her a lot to recover her body and find balance in life. After studying from many different teachers and masters she continued her daily practice for many years. She realized how important the breath is, and how we can improve our minds and bodies through toning the breath. Since then she is developing her own unique abdominal breathing practice, named Chi-Breathing. 

Maika enjoys sharing her daily practice with people from all over the world. Having very simple intentions, knowing ourselves, finding our inner balance and living a healthy life.  

日本を離れ、海外での生活が続くこと約15年。タイ、チェンマイにて、パートナーのTomerと共に、旅するヨガ&気功スタジオ YOGA KUUKANを立ち上げる。現在は日本の鎌倉に拠点を移し、活動中。



Qi flow clothing for women/ 天然素材の服

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